Kamloops ePublishing
Web Design in Kamloops

Typically when people think about getting their business ‘on the internet’, their goal is to promote their business to the world, which is fine for many businesses but if your clientele is local you might think you’re forced into the same old over-priced, under-delivering methods of promotion.

At Kamloops ePublishing, we promote local Kamloops businesses to the people of Kamloops, using the internet. We’ve taken all the new things that can be done using the internet and done something different. Rather than using the internet to promote businesses to the world, we’ve specifically targeted the people of Kamloops. With our multiple web sites and up to date engaging local content, we’ve created the perfect place to promote your local business to your core customers, the people of Kamloops.

Our low overhead and almost negligible publishing costs mean that your cost of entry is extremely affordable.

Web Site Creation
Despite what you may have been told, your business may or may not benefit from an internet presence that involves a full blown web site. Before the development process begins, these questions must be asked:

  • Is this going to help me do better business?
  • How are people going to find my web site?
  • What information is going to be presented on the web site?
  • What type of investment should be made?

Our specialty is creating web sites that can be maintained by the business owner without having to learn any special “web skills”. Typically, anyone capable of using a word processor to type a letter can manage one of our custom web sites.

For those of you who either aren’t quite ready for or won’t benefit from a full custom web site, Kamloops ePublishing can promote your business to the people of Kamloops through our network of locally based, information web sites.

Web Hosting
Everyone with a web site needs a place to put it. We offer quality hosting services with standard features that are considered “extras” with other web hosts.

Working Together
Don’t stand alone and hope that someone stumbles across your web site by accident. Partnering with other web sites with the same target market will increase the number of visitors to your website, increasing the effectiveness of your web site and maximizing your investment. Our family of locally oriented web sites will expose your business to your target market.