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Local Business Promotion

stonesWith our network of locally focused web sites, we have the eyes of the local online Kamloops community. Unlike standard methods of promoting your business, our readers are engaged and invited to contribute to our content, creating a community.

Specialty Photography

Since 2002, Kamloops ePublishing has been the premiere photo service for Business and Real Estate in Kamloops. Starting with our 360° photography system which allowed potential home buyers to preview the best homes for sale presented by the top tier realtors in the Kamloops area, we’ve moved to different forms of photography and video, keeping pace with the trends. Local businesses have benefited from having potential customers take a virtual tour of their location, creating a feeling of familiarity before they even visit the business. With the addition of our robotic camera mount, Kamloops ePublishing is capable of creating amazing Gigapixel+ photographs featuring the ability to zoom in on details and view incredible panoramic vistas.

Web Site Creation

Unlike standard web sites that require special skills or a web master to update, Kamloops ePublishing utilizes WordPress exclusively, which allows non-technical people to keep their web sites fresh and up to date. Web site owners are able to add and edit content and even create new pages without any additional cost.

Web Site Hosting

Things to check for when shopping for a web host for your businesses’ web site are web site performance and reliability of the server and connection to the internet. Many web hosts pack their web servers with as many web sites as they possibly can, which can degrade the performance of your web site. Other web hosts will house their servers in a ‘closet’ without redundant connections to the internet, supervised power, or controlled access.

Kamloops ePublishing contracts the best WordPress web host that is continually monitoring their servers and upgrading to stay ahead of current needs.