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Local Attitude

sprout Due to the global nature of the internet, many people assume that promoting your business on the internet has to be to the global market. The fact of the matter is, your local customers use the internet and prefer to shop local whenever possible.

Kamloops ePubishing exists for the sole purpose of helping local businesses do more and better business by promoting them on the internet to the people of Kamloops. With the development of the Kamloops Network, we’ve created a multifaceted platform that attracts the local people of Kamloops and presents a low cost method of promoting local business.

With over 1.5 million web pages delivered to the people of Kamloops each month, our family of locally focused web sites provide an excellent platform for local business promotion. Due to the relative low cost of publishing on the internet, our publishing savings are passed on to our advertisers giving you the best bang for your advertising dollar.

Our readers are engaged and local consumers. Our web sites aren’t background noise and you’ll never find one of our web pages at the bottom of a bird cage.