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KamloopsCity.com was launched in early 2002 and has quickly become the quintessential portal web site for the people of Kamloops. Designed to be the home page for the people of Kamloops, it’s the first page that so many people see each time they connect to the internet. If you want to be seen, advertise on KamloopsCity.com

Kamloops House Tours

The number one resource for online house listings in Kamloops. If you’re a realtor, then you’ll benefit from the best High Definition Video┬áTours available at an insanely low price. We also include still pictures, with a slideshow and image gallery, local maps, maps to churches and schools, aerial photos, printable brochures, payment calculators, special links on mls.ca and so much more. If you’re selling your house and you’re not listed on Kamloops House Tours, please contact your realtor.

Kamloops 360

Kamloops ePublishing utilizes new photography techniques like 360┬║ photography, Deep Zoom Ultra-Resolution photos, standard photography and video to showcase Kamloops parks, events, schools, scenery, etc.

Kamloops Menus

The recently launched Kamloops Menus is a seed project for a national network of restaurant promotion web sites, each targeting a specific market. If you’re looking for a local restaurant, we can give you all the information you need, as well as help you plan a perfect evening out.

Coming Soon:
A whole new network with more features and integration!

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